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Crisis Consultation Meeting

(billed on an hourly basis)

When an aging parent or relative is in a crisis situation (during/after a hospitalization or in the midst of declining health) you need expert advice on how to proceed with your loved one's care. Older adults may want to remain in their homes but may not know what services they are entitled to or what resources are available to remain independent at home. Additional options may involve skilled and non-skilled home care, nursing home, durable medical equipment, assisted living or retirement community placement. Questions may also arise as to when it is time to enter one of these communities.

When an older adult is hospitalized, that person and the family is often under extreme stress and may make hasty decisions due to limited healthcare knowledge. They may not understand patient rights or where to turn for assistance. Furthermore, families want to spend precious time with their loved one and not countless hours trying to coordinate healthcare services and sort through insurance issues.

A Care Manager will meet with a client and/or family to discuss their situation and give advice/direction on how to proceed and handle the multiple points of healthcare access and coordination of care with various healthcare entities.

Crisis Response

Today it is common for families to be separated by long distances. Separation can make it very difficult to help and support an aging parent or relative. It's often impossible to drop everything at a moment’s notice to assist a loved one in crisis. Employed family members may also be financially challenged to travel cross-country or take time off work. The crisis could be a sudden hospitalization or ongoing declining health that has led to one’s inability to care for himself. A Care Manager will step in, acting as a liaison between you, your loved one and the healthcare community. If the person is hospitalized, the Care Manager can communicate the medical history, medications and pertinent information to the hospital staff. The Care Manager can assist in finding appropriate home care, or placement in an assisted or supportive living community, a short term rehabilitation center, or a long term care community. Whether you receive a call in the middle of the day or at three in the morning, Care Navigators will be able to provide the “immediate” care your loved one needs.