every client has unique needs...

To best understand each client's needs, a Care Manager will meet with the client and family (if requested) to perform a detailed, comprehensive assessment in the comfort of the client’s home. During the assessment, the Care Manager will:

  • Gather detailed medical information
  • Collaborate with the client's physicians/medical professionals
  • Evaluate and document medications (dosage, frequency, purpose and costs)
  • Assess living situation, home safety and support system
  • Assess physical and cognitive status
  • Discuss advance directives (healthcare power of attorney, living will, etc.)

Upon completion of the assessment, the care manager will return to the office and develop a Care Plan. This plan will include professional observations, as well as client, family and other involved parties' input. Preferences and recommendations are put into a detailed plan of care or “action plan.” This process can take 2-12 days to complete. The assessment report and recommendations are detailed and include community medical resources. The goal is to keep the client safe, healthy and independent in the least restrictive environment possible, resulting in peace of mind for the client and family.