What do people say about Care Navigators?

David Bawcum

Soffietti, Johnson, Teetan, Argueta and Bawcum, Ltd.

"Our client was involved in a serious accident resulting in catastrophic injuries. Unable to properly care for himself, Erika from Care Navigators stepped in and not only coordinated his day to day care, she personally ensured that not a single doctor’s appointment was missed. Erika is a zealous advocate who tirelessly pushes for her patients to receive not only the care that they need but the care that they deserve. As an injury attorney, I would, without reservation, strongly recommend Erika and the Care Navigators’ team to any client who needs in-home assistance or specialized nursing care." 

Brenda B.

"Dave's stepfather passed away earlier this month and through all of the guidance you gave us with [Client], we were able to help his mom make good decisions in the final few weeks. Your expertise and willingness to work for a patient is so important. We learned so much and your passion for the patients you advocate for is amazing."


"Thank you for making my life, as well as [Client]'s, a lot easier, especially at the start of this journey when I had so many problems with caregivers. Having someone on-site whom I trusted meant a lot to me since I was 4,000 miles away." 


"Thank you to Jean and the entire staff at Care Navigators for their EXCELLENT WORK managing, coordinating, and researching to ensure that I get the BEST care! I'd be in a stressful bind without you!"

Paul M.

“My parents were relocating from Florida back home to the Chicago area.  It was very difficult for us (their sons) to learn all we needed to learn in order to find them a quality/safe/affordable new place to live.  After many weeks of trying on our own, we were advised to contact Care Navigators.  With Jean’s help, we were given extensive information about a number of places we were not able to find on our own.  Within weeks we had three wonderful places from which to choose and our final selection was the perfect fit for my parents and those of us who will be helping them.  We can’t thank Care Navigators enough!!  P.S. The modest fee we paid for this help was easily offset by the savings we’ll experience not having made the wrong choice or a more expensive place than we needed.”

Marti D.

"I approached Jean Llamas with Care Navigators to assist with the management of my mother’s healthcare needs and services. Care Navigators has greatly helped me by streamlining and navigating the caregivers in my mother’s home, medical information from doctors' visits, implementing changes in the care plan and being an advocate for my mother. This has allowed me to spend more quality time with my mother and my mother’s health is much more stable. Jean is very timely in her communication and very respectful in her interactions with my mother. I would highly recommend Care Navigators for those who need help navigating the various health services for their loved one."


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