Care Management

Our Goal

Care Navigators, Inc. will maximize your independence and improve your quality of life while helping you navigate the healthcare barriers. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care with compassion and qualified experience.


A Care Manager is a professional who evaluates, advises, and guides older adults and their families through the maze of healthcare services and options. Care Managers are licensed professionals, primarily social workers and nurses, with extensive training and experience assisting individuals and their families with caregiving issues. Care Managers have solid healthcare experience, industry contacts and knowledge of public and private services in the community. Care Managers are thoughtful listeners and creative problem solvers.


Healthcare rules and regulations are growing more complex to understand – even for physicians, nurses, and social workers. As red tape increases, effective care solutions will provide peace of mind to older adults and their families.

Family members may employ Care Managers for an initial assessment and care plan. Long-distance family members hire a Care Manager on an ongoing basis to oversee their loved one’s care. Care Managers alleviate unnecessary stress for long-distance families by resolving complex healthcare issues in real time. Care Managers navigate cost-effective solutions to save money and precious time.

Some care management companies also provide caregiving and home health care services.


Here is our rationale: We specialize in care management and individual representation. There are no enticements or incentives to use one company over another. We work with quality companies, who have you and your loved one’s best interests in mind, to develop a solid plan of care. We avoid conflict of interest by navigating the best options for you. You will get an honest, unbiased, and ethical assessment of your situation with advice on how to proceed with your care.


Many Care Navigators services are covered by long-term care insurance — covered services depend on your provider and plan. Care Navigators is happy to work with your provider.  Our insurance expertise can save you money!

Care Navigators accepts credit card and debit card payments.