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“Jean and her crew are awesome. They take control of difficult situations and always make them better. Highly recommended.”


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“Our client was involved in a serious accident resulting in catastrophic injuries. Unable to properly care for himself, Erika from Care Navigators stepped in and not only coordinated his day to day care, she personally ensured that not a single doctor’s appointment was missed. Erika is a zealous advocate who tirelessly pushes for her patients to receive not only the care that they need but the care that they deserve. As an injury attorney, I would, without reservation, strongly recommend Erika and the Care Navigators’ team to any client who needs in-home assistance or specialized nursing care.”


“Dave’s stepfather passed away earlier this month and through all of the guidance you gave us with [Client], we were able to help his mom make good decisions in the final few weeks. Your expertise and willingness to work for a patient is so important. We learned so much and your passion for the patients you advocate for is amazing.”


Care Navigators started helping me with my Mom over 2 years ago, had quite a situation where we could not get her to a Doctor of any sorts. Mom has dementia & is continually getting worse!  She is 98 yrs old & needs a lot of care!  Finally almost 2 years ago she had her little “breakdown” at home and I had to call 911 to help. Jean & her staff were there to assist me all the way and helped in making decisions with me.   Mom is now in Memory Care with the help of Jean & her staff, and is getting the BEST possible care for her situation & age!   Without Care Navigators I would be no where!  They are terrific!”


“I was extremely happy with Care Navigators’ services. Jean is very knowledgeable and organized She has the  right personality that lends her to being so easy to work with on searches and in conference.”


“Thank you for making my life, as well as [Client]’s, a lot easier, especially at the start of this journey when I had so many problems with caregivers. Having someone on-site whom I trusted meant a lot to me since I was 4,000 miles away.”


“Thank you to Jean and the entire staff at Care Navigators for their EXCELLENT WORK managing, coordinating, and researching to ensure that I get the BEST care! I’d be in a stressful bind without you!”


“Care Navigators did some really good work when [Client] was going to the hospital. They made the hospital admission easier and took some of the stress away from our family. They gave us good advice and sped the whole process along. We were talking to hospital administrators soon after we arrived. Jean and Maria were a wonderful help.”


“My parents were relocating from Florida back home to the Chicago area.  It was very difficult for us (their sons) to learn all we needed to learn in order to find them a quality/safe/affordable new place to live. After many weeks of trying on our own, we were advised to contact Care Navigators.  With Jean’s help, we were given extensive information about a number of places we were not able to find on our own. Within weeks we had three wonderful places from which to choose and our final selection was the perfect fit for my parents and those of us who will be helping them. We can’t thank Care Navigators enough!!  P.S. The modest fee we paid for this help was easily offset by the savings we’ll experience not having made the wrong choice or a more expensive place than we needed.”


“I approached Jean Llamas with Care Navigators to assist with the management of my mother’s healthcare needs and services. Care Navigators has greatly helped me by streamlining and navigating the caregivers in my mother’s home, medical information from doctors’ visits, implementing changes in the care plan and being an advocate for my mother. This has allowed me to spend more quality time with my mother and my mother’s health is much more stable. Jean is very timely in her communication and very respectful in her interactions with my mother. I would highly recommend Care Navigators for those who need help navigating the various health services for their loved one.”


“Jean, I want to thank you for all your efforts and guidance given to my brothers and me over the last several weeks with regard to our dad’s ongoing medical care. It has been a tremendous help and we truly appreciate it. Your directions have placed dad and us, for lack of a better term, ‘on a better path,’ and we definitely want to continue down this road for as long as possible.”


“Jean and her company, Care Navigators, are true professionals. They combine a professional approach with the heartfelt care of a family member to create a care plan which allows for their clients to make clear decisions.”


“It was very comforting to my family to realize that even though we all were many miles away, Dad was being vigilantly looked after by you and your team. In addition to advocates, you truly did function as local family for my dad during his final months.  While Dad was distressed at his decline, it’s comforting to know that he experienced many good times with you during his final months. We could not have done it without your help.”


“This past fall, my 77 year old father had to undergo major surgery in another state. I was fortunate enough to have Jean Lamas as a friend and consultant as we aided my Dad and my Mom through the difficult process of pre-op, the surgery, the hospital stay and the post-op stage. Being informed and supported with the knowledge that Jean provided us made a huge difference to my Dad’s care as well as the peace of mind for my Mom, siblings, and me. As we went through this journey, I had to shake my head a few times because everything that Jean told me to expect actually came to fruition. There were so many issues and instances, but I will cite just one. After the surgery, we were anxious to meet with a home care coordinator to set up in-home services after his release. Jean had warned me not to become frustrated if I could not meet right away with the appropriate person – they are very busy – and to be calm but persistent until I was able to meet and help setup after care for my Dad. Had I not known this, I would have become more frustrated than I even was, because I was prepared for that part of the process. Jean is a wealth of information re: coverage with insurance and Medicare.  I truly believe that consulting with her helped my family and me on many levels at this challenging time in our lives. Thanks Jean!”


“My mother states Jean, RN is courteous and friendly. She really appreciates that Jean ‘hangs back’ at the appointments with her. Jean recognizes that my mother is still ‘in charge’ and lets her take the lead and doesn’t talk on Mom’s behalf. Mom recognizes this and is very grateful and feels respected.”


“Like most adults caring for an aging parent, I needed help and knew that one day soon I would no longer be able to care for my mother on my own. I dreaded looking into the overwhelmingly confusing prospect of long term care as my mother was stubborn and refused to listen to medical counsel or take her needed medicine.

A friend referred me to contact Jean Llamas at Care Navigators. She went into action assessing my mother’s condition, coordinating with the hospital, and helping me make sense of the information and procedures that hospitals perform in these situations. Jean fully explained what was going on and acted on my behalf to make sure the best possible options were being considered and implemented for my mother.

What most families don’t understand is that the hospitals are limited in how much care they can devote to an individual that has greater needs. Care Navigators fills that need with their vast knowledge of the inner workings of the medical system and the government’s bureaucracy. I think of them as my medical advocates for hire in the same way I’d hire an attorney to navigate the legal system or an accountant to handle the tax codes.

Their detailed evaluation of my mother’s needs and available resources exceeded my expectations and made me feel completely at ease. Being able to sit back and look over options that were specifically researched and selected to fit my needs was worth every penny of their fee to me. I was very glad to have Care Navigators advocate on my mother’s and my behalf.”


“Care Navigators to the rescue.  Mom took a trip to the ER and was eventually admitted under “observation” status.  Our care manager had warned me that hospital stays under observation do not count in Medicare’s formula when it comes to paying for in-patient rehabilitation.  I can be pretty persuasive but I couldn’t get the hospital to change my mother’s status.  One phone call to our care manager and 10 minutes later, her status was changed.  Could have cost us over $20,000!  Much thanks to Jean and her team.”


Care Navigators did a wonderful job helping us with getting my husband to stay at [SNF] until he was really ready. They gave my daughter support when she needed it, she was in charge of everything. Erika was really wonderful.

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