Care Assessment

In person assessment for client and family

This allows our case manager to evaluate your individual needs. The assessment is an initial information gathering meeting prior to our next steps listed below in Post Assessment Options.

Evaluate financial ability to pay for long-term health care services

Evaluate legal preparation of estate planning documents

Evaluate medical condition, medical history, allergies, medications (including dosage, frequency, purpose, and costs), primary care physician and other specialists, medical plan, level of medical assistance needed

Assess home safety for grab bars, durable medical equipment, tripping hazards, appropriate placement of furniture, walkways, bathroom accessibility

Discuss caregiver support whether through family or agency, evaluate current and potential future needs, discuss costs involved, discuss role and duties of caregiver

Assess cognitive baseline by performing a Mini Mental State Exam or Montreal Cognitive Assessment

Assess psychosocial baseline, perform depression screening, assess current mental health diagnoses and how they are coping with them, if present

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