Healthcare Advocacy

Education, support and guidance for client, caregivers and families to cope with the effects of the client’s disease

Evaluation of medical interventions currently being utilized on current treatment plan

Liaison for client at all MD appointments

Evaluation of key medical providers involved to identify any gaps in communication or needs being unmet

Discussion surrounding other possible laboratory or medical tests to identify other treatment plans

Focus on strategies for increasing a client’s quality of life

Coordination of care with physicians

Coordination of care with skilled and non-skilled home care

Coordination of care in the home, whether it is a single-family home or a community

Coordination of care in a rehabilitation center or nursing home

Effective communication and education for families, facilities and communities

Creation and maintenance of a medication/allergy/medical history list for MD visits/providers

Dispute resolution with healthcare providers and insurers

Focus and education on client rights, matters of privacy, and confidentiality

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