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3 Management Plans A Healthcare Advocate Can Craft For You

If you’re a senior struggling to manage your bills or other important tasks, a patient care advocate might be just the person you need to help you with your daily responsibilities. The Centers For Disease Control estimates that one-third of families struggle to pay medical bills in America.

A patient care advocate is able to help you perform the daily tasks and functions you may forget about. Here are some of the ways that a patient care advocate can help you.

Provide coordination

When you suffer from one or more medical issues, visiting specialists, physicians, and doctors can be overwhelming. When you need help managing your appointments, a health care advocate can help you with the necessary elder care planning that comes with growing older.

Your care guardian will also serve as the point of communication and act as a liaison between any physicians you visit. They will ensure your doctors and specialists are in contact with one another and keep all your medical records up to date to avoid any issues.

Plan your money management

A large part of life care planning revolves around money and the management of your bills. Your patient care advocate will ensure your bills are paid and work with you to create a budget for your finances. They will also get you in touch with any professional financial advisors and CPAs should you need their assistance.

Your advocate can also help fill out any applications or paperwork pertaining to disability, Explanation of Benefits, and insurance.

Manage your medication

Managing your medication can be an incredibly difficult task, especially if you suffer from memory loss or dementia. Luckily, your patient advocacy program will ensure you’re teamed up with an advocate who will keep track of your medication and dispense the proper dose. You never need to worry about your health when you have a patient care advocate watching your back.

If you or a family member is struggling with daily tasks, memory, or is suffering from financial difficulties, utilizing a health care advocacy group is a great way to get back on track. When you want to get serious about improving your quality of life, contact Care Navigators today.

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