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online anxiety counseling

4 Benefits of Online Anxiety Counseling for Seniors

As a senior, many changes in your old age can trigger depression and anxiety. For instance, loss of independence, feeling isolated, or grief related to the loss of a life-long spouse. It’s hard to go through these difficult times alone — and you shouldn’t do it on your own. Online anxiety counseling will help you […]

patient care advocacy

4 Advantages of Patient Care Advocacy

Elder care planning may come off as challenging, especially when you have to do it yourself. Without proper professional guidance from a patient care advocate who knows the ropes of the industry, you may not find the best-fit elder care solutions that are tailored to your needs. That is why you should consider seeking patient […]

5 Benefits of Life Care Planning in Old-Age

Essentially, life is all about planning. From day one, when we’re first introduced to this world, to the later stages of life, life plans help us pursue a better life. Life care planning is crucial when you are advanced in age, and you need elder care solutions. This is why you need life care planning […]

care guardian

4 Benefits of Engaging a Care Guardian

Caring for our elderly loved ones is a cardinal duty that we should execute to the best of our abilities. Taking care of the aged entails finding them the best elder care solutions through a care guardian. The healthcare system in the United States is broad and sometimes complicated, and you need a care guardian […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Anxiety as an Aging Adult

As a senior, you may be vulnerable to additional stressors that can cause significant anxiety. Decreased mobility, loss of independence, and social isolation can become precursors to mental illness. Anxiety counseling services can help you cope with anxiety symptoms and lead to a higher quality of life. Here is everything you need to know about […]

anxiety counseling

Your Guide To Online Anxiety Counseling Services For Seniors

Aging can create many challenges that can make it difficult to adjust. Medical conditions, loss of independence, and social isolation can cause high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Even their caregivers can have increased depressive symptoms, with anywhere from 40% to 70% exhibiting signs. Online anxiety counseling can be highly beneficial for those with […]

health care advocate

Guide To Private Health Care Advocate Costs

It can be hard to figure out how to get the best medical care when you’re suffering from a serious medical condition as an older adult. You might be like the 29% of adults who take five or more prescriptions and are concerned about the side effects they may have. What happens if you feel […]

patient care advocate

4 Main Services Patient Care Advocates Provide

Approximately 68% of seniors today grapple with the issues of at least two or more chronic diseases. This can be quite overwhelming and frustrating to manage. A healthcare advocate can assist seniors with the resources they need to take proper care of their health and overall well being. Here are the four main types of […]

elder care planning

Five Stress Reduction Tips For Seniors

Stress has a way of bleeding into other areas of our lives. That is especially true for aging Americans. A bad day here and there is normal. Persistent worrying, anxiety, and stress–on the other hand–affects your health. According to WebMD, “Forty-three percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress.” These effects may include […]

adult guardian

Everything You Need to Know About Guardianship

Approximately 80% of older adults suffer daily from some type of chronic disease. At some point, they need an adult guardian to take care of them. Here’s what you need to know about guardianship. What is Guardianship? An adult guardian helps make critical health care and financial decisions when an older adult is no longer […]