Essential Tips For Transitioning Into Retirement

Planning for retirement can bring a range of emotions, whether you’ve begun to prepare for retirement or not. And you’re not alone — it’s estimated that the population for those aged over 60 will nearly double between 2015 and 2050. A life transition is never easy, but life care planning can help. Here are some […]

How Family Caregivers Can Benefit From Elder Care Solutions

Caregivers for family members can experience a challenging level of daily stress. With that stress comes a higher risk for depressive symptoms. In fact, 40 to 70% of adult guardians show signs of depression. Being an adult guardian can be overwhelming. Here is how elder care solutions can help lighten the load. Family mediation When […]

3 Management Plans A Healthcare Advocate Can Craft For You

If you’re a senior struggling to manage your bills or other important tasks, a patient care advocate might be just the person you need to help you with your daily responsibilities. The Centers For Disease Control estimates that one-third of families struggle to pay medical bills in America. A patient care advocate is able to […]