patient care advocate

4 Main Services Patient Care Advocates Provide

Approximately 68% of seniors today grapple with the issues of at least two or more chronic diseases. This can be quite overwhelming and frustrating to manage. A healthcare advocate can assist seniors with the resources they need to take proper care of their health and overall well being. Here are the four main types of services a patient care advocate can provide.

Medical Care Navigation

A health care advocate can help seniors and their adult guardians understand medical diagnoses and any treatment options. They can communicate the patient’s needs to doctors and advocate for their care. A patient care advocate can also provide resources and referrals with community resources so seniors can get the best care possible. They can arrange for medical transportation and assist with the transfer of records from one provider to another.

Health Insurance

A healthcare advocate can help seniors find the health insurance coverage that is best for them. They can help patients figure out what medical services are covered or not and advocate for them with the insurance company. An advocate can also review any medical billing errors and help a senior appeal them.

Life Care Planning

An advocate can help seniors plan for the end of their life. They can work with seniors to create advanced care directives, establish guardianship, and select hospice services. They can also help seniors ensure that any pain they experience towards the end of their life is managed appropriately. They can also work with seniors to develop a plan for burial or cremation services.

Mental And Behavioral Health

Chronic illness and pain can cause issues with depression and anxiety. An advocate can help seniors overcome these issues by helping them find professionals who can address and treat them. They can also assist with treatment for controlled substances and any mental challenges that make communication difficult.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a chronic medical condition, a patient care advocate can help you manage everything so you can better focus on your health. If you don’t currently have a guardian that can advocate for your needs, talk to your doctor or another healthcare professional. They can help you find a patient care advocate who can make sure you have everything you need for a higher quality of life.