Returning Home after Illness, Injury or Accident – Think Positive

Physical therapists often say that a positive mental attitude of the patient is important to obtain positive patient outcomes.  How does a patient develop and maintain a positive mental attitude when it comes to physical therapy? Most people are born with a mental disposition; the glass is either half full or half empty.  Where a patient chooses to receive therapy can play a big role in their mental state. Yes, the patient wants to go home, but is this the best place for lasting positive outcomes?

Home may, or may not, be the best place for recovering after a hospital stay; certainly there is something to be said for a familiar, comfortable environment.  But how will the patient arrange and receive care?  Will rehab take place in the home, is the home equipped to handle such care? If therapy takes place away from home, how will transportation be arranged? Too many questions and details can add to a patients stress and affect even the most optimistic of patients’ moods.

Skilled Nursing Facilities can be a good place to start when the goal is to return home and stay home.  Rehab facilities that combine skilled and encouraging staff and specialized treatment spaces are key factors to look for when choosing where to recover from a joint replacement surgery, illness or injury.  Staff that is knowledgeable in treating rehab patients’ specific needs like reducing the risk for infection, minimizing pain, and treating wounds can ease the mind and reduce stress allowing the patient to concentrate on getting better.  Physical therapist who have a gentle but firm approach, are able to coach patients to achieve desired goals.  The physical therapy space is not to be overlooked, is it bright and cheery, and is there enough space for all the patients who are receiving care?  Programs that are advanced and offer methods to treat low weight bearing patients, offer specialized daily and exercise treatment, treat patients as whole person and provide holistic therapies are likely to achieve desired outcomes quickly and safely.

Returning home after illness, injury or accident is desired by most patients, and achievable, as well.  How and where you receive therapies will determine how quickly you return home and how likely you are to be readmitted to the hospital. Where ever the patients goes, and whatever the program offers, be sure to feel positive about the choice that is made. Feeling positive can affect motivation and desire; be sure to choose a treatment plan that will enhance mood and increase positive thinking.  Getting home is important, staying there and living a lifestyle of choice is ideal!

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