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Returning Home after Illness, Injury or Accident – Think Positive

Physical therapists often say that a positive mental attitude of the patient is important to obtain positive patient outcomes.  How does a patient develop and maintain a positive mental attitude when it comes to physical therapy? Most people are born with a mental disposition; the glass is either half full or half empty.  Where a […]

10 Helpful Dementia Communication Strategies

Caring for a relative with memory changes can be rewarding as well as frustrating and exhausting.  Regardless of the underlying etiology of the memory loss, the principles of caring for the individual are the same. Changes in your communication style can increase understanding and decrease frustration and angry outbursts. Here are some recommendations studies have […]

Improving Patient Care to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Did you know hospitals get penalized by the government for excessive patient readmissions? It’s true. In 2012, Medicare established the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP). It’s essentially a pay-for-performance program that lowers Medicare payments to hospitals with too many readmissions. For 2018, 2,573 hospitals will be cumulatively penalized an estimated $564 million. Now Medicare is [...]