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Guide To Private Health Care Advocate Costs

It can be hard to figure out how to get the best medical care when you’re suffering from a serious medical condition as an older adult. You might be like the 29% of adults who take five or more prescriptions and are concerned about the side effects they may have. What happens if you feel you’ve been misdiagnosed or not get told about all your treatment options? If you don’t currently have a patient care advocate, you may want to hire one to take care of all these issues so you can focus on getting and staying healthy. Here’s a guide into the costs of hiring a private health care advocate.

Why Should You Hire A Private Advocate?

A healthcare advocate can help you navigate through all the providers, treatments, and tests to get the best outcomes possible for your medical care. You can get help from a friend or a family member to be your care guardian, but they may not know the ins and outs of the healthcare system like a private health care advocate. Private professional patient care advocacy isn’t covered under insurance, so you’ll have to pay out of pocket. While it may be an extra expense, it can save you time and money in the long run as well as boosting the level of medical care you receive.

Most of your healthcare services are limited because your insurance dictates what care you receive. For example, your doctor’s appointment or hospital is set for only a certain period of time because these services will only be reimbursed for a set amount of money. But when you pay out of pocket, the only limit to your care is how much you’re willing to pay for. A private advocate can help you squeeze an additional 15 minutes at your appointment or get you a few more days in the hospital to improve your quality of care. They are worth the cost because they bring expertise in a situation where you’re most vulnerable.

How Cost Is Determined

The cost for a private advocate will depend on the types of services you need and the level of expertise for the person you hire. A private advocate can perform a range of different services. They can explain your treatment options to you, review your medical bills, and work with the insurance company to cover claims.

Each of these services has a different cost depending on how long it will take to perform. The more credentials your professional advocate has, the more expensive the costs to hire will be. Hourly services can cost you around $75 on average. You could be spending $500 or more on a monthly basis, depending on the services you need.

Hiring a private health care advocate can help you navigate through the noise and confusion of the healthcare system to boost your quality of care. If you’re considering this elder care service, be sure to interview any candidates carefully. Ask them about their qualifications and how much they charge. Your health is the most important thing for you to take care of, so make sure you place it in the hands of someone who can best meet your needs.