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What Is The Role Of A Health Care Advocate?

If you or a loved one is getting older, you may be facing countless struggles when it comes to navigating old age. Luckily, countless people are able to rely on the help a health care advocate can offer.

But what is the role of a health care advocate? And how do they help you?

What is a health care advocate?

A health care advocate is a person, often employed by a hospital or other health institution, who helps you navigate the ins and outs of aging. They typically serve as a liaison between you and other institutions, but they can also help you understand your financial situation and help monitor medications.

The role of the health care advocate is often determined by your own needs. Some elderly folks will experience Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and have trouble remembering important dates. Others will help to interpret hard-to-understand legal jargon and health information to help you make informed decisions. They will typically write down important information, ask questions, and speak up for you as a third-party witness when you’re navigating your health in your old age.

Why do I need a health care advocate?

If you’re a healthy older individual, you may not need an adult guardian. However, over 23 million seniors throughout the United States are economically insecure. Your patient care advocate can help you make informed decisions regarding the building expenses in old age. Between medication, bills, and appointments, patient care advocacy has been proven to help in the areas where people need it most.

In particularly bad situations, some institutions or individuals may try to take advantage of you in your old age. Relying on a patient care advocate can provide added security in situations where you may be taken advantage of. Regardless, relying on the adult guardian’s note-taking skills and other recording benefits can help you make informed decisions when you need to look back on pertinent information.

At the end of the day, your patient care advocate works to ensure your wishes, needs, and health is taken care of.

Who can I talk to about elder care solutions?

When you’re looking for an adult guardian or health care advocate, rely on the team you can trust: at Care Navigators, our staff works hard to ensure you’re comfortable, informed, and organized in your old age. For more information, call today!

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