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Elder Care Service: Five Roles of Caregivers

Statistics show that there is a great need for caregivers and elder care service providers. The population of individuals aged 60 and over is expected to grow from 12% to 22% between the years 2015 and 2050. Planning now for when a loved one may need some elder care solutions will make the transition easier […]

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How to Be Sure You’ve Found the Right Elder Care Solution

It’s not always an easy process to select elder care solutions. Often times there are many factors at play, from family concerns to individual considerations, and the numerous options available to you make it hard to know who is reliable and trustworthy. Of course, you always want what’s best for your loved one, so you […]

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Patient Care Advocates for Seniors: A Primer

Based on estimates, the percentage of people over 60 in the world will nearly double in just over the next 30 years. Consider also that more than 20 million seniors in the U.S. are in or near poverty, and that nearly a third of them are dependant on five or more medications, and you will […]

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How To Know What Kind of Elder Care Facility Your Parents Need

As we get older, we may struggle to maintain daily routines and personal hygiene. Because Americans are proud and value our independence, many seniors try to hide their declining capabilities from friends and family members, which can lead to further declines in quality of life. Research has shown that American society already has more than […]

Preparing for At-Home Care: 5 Steps for a Smooth Transition

Healthcare advocacy is the branch of healthcare involved in providing needed health and medical resources to communities and individuals. According to, a health advocate is defined as a “hired professional who can ask questions, write down information, and speak up for you [the patient] so you can better understand your illness and get the […]

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Start Planning Your Future Care Today

Don’t Put Off Planning It is very easy to put off planning for your future healthcare needs. For many people, we tend to put off preparing for things unless they are needing attention right that minute. Unfortunately, that is not a smart thing to do when it comes to your healthcare needs. You need to […]

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What Kind of Care Plan Does Your Aging Parent Need?

When it comes time to enlist professional help in the care of your aging loved one, it’s tough to know where to begin. Are they ready for the services that an elder care facility can provide? Is an at-home adult care guardian the best choice? These are common questions, and you’re not alone in asking […]

What Is Long Term Care?

At any age and any state of health, deciphering medical terminologies and treatment methods can be a challenge. When it comes to later-in-life care, a wide variety of options make matters even more confusing. If you or someone you love might be in need of long term care, selecting the right kind of care is […]

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What Is The Role Of A Health Care Advocate?

If you or a loved one is getting older, you may be facing countless struggles when it comes to navigating old age. Luckily, countless people are able to rely on the help a health care advocate can offer. But what is the role of a health care advocate? And how do they help you? What […]